On #GamerGate

I’ve always been a gamer, but the recent spate of verbal, and threatened physical, assaults on women in gaming bothers me personally and philosophically. I’m no longer willing to remain silent on the matter.

What!? I can't hear you!


Throughout Pagandom, there has been a hue and cry over the idea of pop culture Paganism. Like many such arguments in the community, all sides of the conflict need to take a step back and actually listen to what people are actually saying.

International Pagan Coming Out Day

International Pagan Coming Out Day

International Pagan Coming Out Day (IPCOD) is an important call to action for Pagans to stand with others in our community who have come out but, just as importantly, to recognize that not all of us can do so safely.

Immanence and the Potentiality for Magic

There is a relationship between the concept of immanence with respect to the deities and magic. If we are, in part, a finite manifestation of the divine, might not we also be able to access the powers of creation and manifestation in some limited way?

What are the gods anyway?

I am not a scientist, but I do remember some of my physics lessons regarding matter as both a particle and a wave, what those who are scientists call a superposition of states. This superposition exists until the matter in question is observed, in which case it collapses into a single, specific reality. My view on deities is that they, like matter, do so as well.

Digital Groups – Seeking a Deeper Conversation

As a primarily solitary Pagan, my primary interaction with other Pagans takes place entirely online. Actually, as a telecommuter, my primary interaction with other people happens online! But, solitary reflection can only go so far when one is wrestling with the great questions of life.

Eris holding aloft her golden apple


I am a devotee of Eris. I also like soup. Herein, I discuss the relationship if these two apparently separate things.

A deer asking a cat: "Have you accepted Cernunnos as your lord and savior?" The cat responds: "Sorry, I worship Bast."


I consider myself a Pagan evangelist. This does not mean that I engage others with the purpose of changing their religion to be more similar to my own, but rather than I seek to change peoples minds with respect to Paganism and to share my theology and philosophy with them.

the sha of doubt from world of warcraft

On the Necessity of Doubt

Faith is a state of being entered into by the act of make a decision without certainty; without certainty in the correctness of the decision and without certainty in the outcome of it. If we take the next step and define doubt as the absence of certainty, then we could restate our definition of faith as follows: faith is a state of being entered into by the act of making a decision in the presence of doubt.

“D” is for Distance

This is my first foray into a video blog in which I discuss how distance is a defining factor of modern Paganism and one that I hope we eventually find our own effective means to mitigate.