ICYMI: On Homogeneity

It’s human nature to generalize, to assume. And, doing so isn’t always a bad thing. You can likely assume that walking down dark alleys in dangerous places at night alone isn’t going to be the best idea you’ve had. But, when we start to generalize about populations, religious or otherwise, then we start to find ourselves making decisions based on expectations rather than reality.

ICYMI: On Dialog, Interfaith and Otherwise

The online Pagan and Polytheist blogs have been discussing interfaith involvement and how and if we should should speak for and about our various communities. Amid the outcries of privilege, denials of the same, and various stories from Pagan and Polytheist alike of good and bad experiences while engaging in interfaith efforts, I think something was lost:

A way forward.

ICYMI: Faith in the Public Square

The idea of a perfectly secular public square seems as much of a pipe dream to me as that of a fully-inclusive, so called global, public square. Is there a middle ground we can find that might also be attainable? I hope so, and herein I begin an exploration of what that might look like.

ICYMI: Travelling Together

Pagans are a pluralistic community, and that means we feel the tension between the institutional and the grassroots. Finding the balance between these forces is difficult, but there are others with whom we can work as we try and grow our community.

ICYMI: Sticks and Stones and Words

Words have power and, too often, we use them like bludgeons against those with whom we disagree. Let us resolve in 2014 to try understand what the other means when they say things with which we disagree rather than jump to the conclusion that they are a fool.

ICYMI: Winter Holidays, Interfaith Memories

My childhood memories from the winter holidays are a mix of Chanukah and Christmas. Join me as I walk down memory lane for a moment and let me know in the comments what your favorite memories are from the Winter holidays!

ICYMI: The More Beautiful World

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible by Charles Eisenstein is more than a simple collection of words and pages; it’s a disruptive phenomenon. Reading it acts as a mirror forcing us to see our selves in a new light and reevaluate choices we’ve made and why we’ve made them.

ICYMI: Fighting the Good Fight

Due to unavoidable commitments both this weekend and last, I was unable to put together anything to share with you all here today.  Instead, I’ll make a recommendation:  if you’re not watching or listening to Moyers & Company, now is the time to start. A few weeks ago, Bill Moyers interviewed Dr. Jill Stein and

ICYMI: Halloween: an Interfaith Teachable Moment

For Pagans, the month of October has often been a moment where we take a deep breath and prepare to see members of our extended community drug into the limelight by the media, usually in fairly sensational ways and while these sorts of situations sometimes leave us shaking our collective heads, they do represent an opportunity for some interfaith engagement.