Esbat, January 2013

In August 1998 dedicated myself as a witch.  In 2004 or 2005 I was initiated into the mysteries of the craft for the first time and later during Samhain in 2009, if memory serves, I formally took for myself a Name.  Roughly 14 years and 4 months ago I started this journey and tonight, for what I think may be the first time, I wrote and performed my a full moon ceremony.

To be honest, I’m a slacker.  But still, that’s an insane amount of time have tried to live religiously but to do so without ceremony.

Ceremony always seems to fall short of my expectations, especially when I’m involved in liturgical performance with others.  This, perhaps more than anything, is why I’m solitary.  Tonight’s ceremony didn’t fill me with some sort of luminous knowledge or a sense of one-ness.  I don’t feel changed or deeply moved by the experience, but going into it without any expectations, I can say that I feel pretty good.

One thing I’ve learned: to take out my contacts before lighting the incense!

The ceremony I performed was dedicated to Selene.  I based it on historical sources (Hesiod, Euripides, Homer, and Orpheus) and embellished their words with my own and edited them as I saw fit.

I felt moved during a brief meditation following the ceremony to share with others my accomplishment, crude though it may be, and so I am.  Perhaps, if for no other reason, someday someone like me will come upon this post and realize that ceremony and ritual doesn’t have to shake the earth to be meaningful.

It just has to be done.

  • That’s about how I felt about my Yule ritual experience. Nothing earth-shaking, no luminous experience per se, but it felt good. I’ve had an itch to do a full moon ceremony for a while, but haven’t yet come up with anything that feels right to me. I should probably just sit down and work on it. :-/