Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

2015 is upon us, quite surprisingly so considering I seem to have misplaced December somewhere along the way.  As with most people, I’ve resolved to live my life differently in 2015 than in the past and while we all tend to do so every year, I’m hoping that I’ll somehow trick myself into following through with things this time.

Resolved: To write or to exercise … or both

In the past, I’ve separately resolved to either exercise more or to write.  But, this year I’m trying something slightly different.  If, on any given day, I choose not to exercise, then I must write.  Conversely, on days that I do not write, I must exercise.  This doesn’t preclude doing both, but I’m hoping that on the days that I stare at the monitor lacking the capability of forming complete sentences that I’ll take that as the cue to get the blood pumping.  On the other hand, if the thought of another few miles on the elliptical seems out of the question, if I’m going to be sitting on my ass in front of a computer anyway, I might as well try to do something enlightening, personally or otherwise.

This will mean increased activity here which, in turn, means that I suspect that I’ll be loosening my own restrictions with respect to the content that lives here.  Chiefly, I’m no longer going to be using my primary homepage as a blogging site at all.  Anything that I might have put on that site in the past will now be here.  This doesn’t invalidate the tagline above; I’ll still focus on matters spiritual, technological, or both, but I’m freeing myself a bit to talk about politics, current events, etc. if I feel moved to do so.

I’ll also still be writing elsewhere.  I’ll still be authoring content over at the Pagan Activist blog and I’ll be returning to the Wild Garden at the Patheos Pagan channel, too.  I’ll make sure to link that work here so that you won’t necessarily have to follow all three if you want the greatest amount of Dashifen in your life.

Finally, my Sunday evening Shadowrun game continues but my game log languishes unfinished.  Considering we’ve completed my entire plot written for last year, my first writing goal is actually to finish that log up.  To do so, I’ll be trying to write two posts a week over on my Shadowrun site, though this year’s game–especially if it’s a new plot–might end up taking precedence.

Resolved: To study

My second resolution should also help provide me some fodder for online circumlocutions.  I realized that I’ve been resting comfortably within my religious space for some time now.  To try to challenge myself, I’ve tried three times to engage formal, online training without success.  Therefore, I’m going to go it alone.

I will be reading at least one book on Paganism per month and I’ll discuss my thoughts on them here as well.  I’ll probably make categories both for complete reviews as well as another for partial reviews and/or posts that are spawned from my thoughts as I read.  I’ll be putting my current book in the sidebar of the site along with a progress meter.  I’ll be doing a little research to see if there’s a way that I can hook all of this directly into my Kindle so that it’ll update the sidebar automagically, but I’m not honestly sure if that’s even possible.  And, frankly, I don’t want to waste too much time on it.  I’ll be here more regularly for writing anyway, so it seems like I should be able to update it manually.

I have to look through the books I own to see which I want to read during January, so I’ll report back about my choice the next time I’m here.