Site Updates

Phew!  It feels like forever since I’ve been here.  But, just because I’ve been absent from this blog, doesn’t mean that nothing’s going on.

Writing Elsewhere

In the interim, I’ve actually written two articles elsewhere.

The first, at, is no longer all that timely.  It focused on the Global Divestment Day scheduled for this past Friday.  It was a day of meetings, rallies, and other events all over the world to both personally divest from the fossil fuel industry and to try and encourage others to do so.  As I wrote in my article, I hold a minimum of stock in a Pennsylvanian electric utility company.  Starting this past Friday, I’ve begun the work to sell that stock so that I no longer support practices like mountaintop removal no mater how infinitesimally.

The other is the first in a series of posts at the Wild Garden blog over at the Patheos Pagan channel.  In the series, I’ll be talking about Interfaith as a Pagan.  The introduction is mostly a long winded way of providing an overview to the series, but if you’re involved in interfaith, interested in becoming so, or just intrigued by my own anecdotal reflection on one of my passions over the last decade, the series will continue one week from tomorrow (i.e. 2/24) over there.

Editorial Gigs

Speaking of Patheos, I’m now the editor of the Agora blog on the Pagan channel, too.  I’m not the managing editor of the whole Pagan channel; the ineffable Christine Hoff Kraemer continues to hold that gig.  I’m just her editorial minion taking over the reigns of the Agora so that she can focus on the wealth of content that makes up the rest of the channel.

“January’s” Book Club

My January book club has continued into February.  Greer’s A World Full of Gods has proven to be far more dense than I expected.  I think it was once described to me as a “pamphlet” which is a gross underestimation of the quantity and the value of the information contained within.

To be short:  it’s amazing.  My Kindle tells me I have less than an hour to go to finish it up so my goal is to complete it by Wednesday and try to put together some of my more specific thoughts here later this week.  Then, I’ll have to carefully select February’s book so as to increase the likelihood that I can finish it fairly rapidly!

That’s actually all I have time for this evening.  I have dinner to make, a post over at the Agora to edit, and some programming to complete all before I fall into bed.  Cheers!